Tricks to Treat You

The human body is an amazing creature. It’s healing potential is endless .  It responds to input. The trick is, what input will give you the desired output? All of our choices… food, activity, thinking, attitude, have a physical impact. Each choice is not immediately observable, but accumulation of choices manifest to outward signs. That may be vibrant glowing health, or physical ailments or diseases.I’m attracted to leading edge innovative techniques that facilitate the body’s wisdom and promote efficient, effective outcomes.  I shared some of the tricks to treat flexibility limitations and thus positively impact posture. Posture is critical to an optimally functioning nervous system. I have more tricks in my tool box to treat your muscles, joints and fascia. Hands-on care combined with effective re-education exercises promotes movement that feels good. You deserve it.Thanks to all the participants this weekend for being interactive and asking great questions. I enjoy giving input that helps you LIVE WELL.