Sports Related Injuries in the Young Athlete Myokinesthic System Lower Body, Upper Body
Dynamic Stretching:The missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation
Zero Balancing I & II,Art of ZB, By the Sea, & Alchemy of Touch
Foam Roll Exercise
Decoding Dysfunction; A Practical & Functional Approach to Difficult Diagnoses
Pilates Mat Certification
Pilates on the Ball
Whole Body Kinesio® Taping
PRRT – Primal Reflex Release Technique
Tai Chi for Physical Therapists
The Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection
Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well
Neurostructural Integration Technique
Craniosacral Therapy Series 1 – DCR
Fascial Regulators with Frank Lowen
IMT for the Neck, Thoracic Outlet, Shoulder Girdle, and Upper Extremity
IMT for Respiratory Disorders
Integrated Manual Therapy for Facial Palsy
Manual Correction and Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint
Myofascial Mapping Technique
Muscle Energy for the Sacrum and Spine
The Double Crush Phenomenon
Upper Extremity Compression Syndrome Techniques
Balance, Stabilization, and Gait
Knee Anatomy and Biomechanics
Locomotor Biomechanics and Applied Orthotic Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy – The Upledger Institute
PNF I: The Functional Approach to PNF
Tai Chi for Balance, Fall Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
Updates in Arthroscopic Surgery and Rehabilitation of Shoulder & Knee Injuries
Women, Wellness, and the Transformation of Health Care