Not Just Physical Poetry

Those who know me, know I have some fun with writing fun "jingles" or poems. I use them to express something meaningful in a fun, and entertaining way. Though it takes some effort, they are usually birthed by inspiration. Check out some of my past blogs for some examples I've shared.Today's is by a guest author. Written by a fellow net-worker Jim Strachan, Your-Favorite Mortgage-Guy. He is incredibly creative and I so appreciate that he wrote this for Living Well. ( He IS an amazing mortgage guy too!)

Not Just Physical PoetryWhole_Person

At Living Well, you will soon seeBetter Health is Physical PoetryA new approach, to cure your painWill promote a happy, Body, Psyche, and BrainTrue Balance in, diet, muscle tone & MindNurtures a body, of the pain-free kindCome to Living Well, and learn a new wayTo help your Whole Self, enjoy work, rest or play