Gift of Care

‘Twas Black Friday morning and I had my listgiftsOf the gifts I was seeking…you get the gistWhen it comes to shopping for family and friendsI would give every effort…I would go to all ends I shopped and I shopped, went to dozens of stores‘til at last I could not go into even one moreMy feet they were burning, my arms—they achedI swear my low back was about to break Both my knees throbbed as I dropped the last bags in the trunkMy Goodness! Did I really buy all this junk?I wobbled to the car and plopped in the chairEverything hurt- even my hair “I did it !  I’m finished” I shouted with glee!Just one thing more… I need some PT!!!I know just where to go as all my friends tell…The place for great care is LIVING WELL It’s pleasant and peaceful like a breath of fresh airBut the real reason to go is for fabulous careThey assess you and listen to all your complaintsThey move you, or tape you, and teach you – they’re saints So what part of your body? Back neck arms, or knees?Needs the care from good hands of Living Well PT?