Welcome to the Living Well Blog!

Like the Cub’s Opener or the first day of spring, we are excited for the fresh, new energy this blog brings, as well as providing a new avenue for interactions with our friends and patients.Within you will find Events and the goings-on of our business and community, and we hope – a dose of inspiration. This is a place of healing, after all!Pour a cup of tea, find your center and a comfy chair, and enjoy what follows - including this jingle from Brenda:It’s winter time – it’s cold out there!Come on in for some special care.Surgical repair, or a slip in the snow,Living Well Physical Therapy is the place to go.Nutrition, Naprapathy, Massage, Acupuncture and PT,The whole body’s covered… try it! You’ll see!Muscles, joints, bones, and tendons -We’ll get them loose and keep them bendin’…Chronic ailment, or a new muscle strain,We’ll help you heal so there’s no longer pain.So for your body’s troubles you want to quell,Get the help you need at Living Well!